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Ed Wildrick, CHT the Hyperbaric King™, is a California native. He is the only independently operating CHT on the West Coast. 


Wildrick's clients are among the most sought after women and men of stage, screen and CEO's of Fortune 500 companies. His hyperbaric treatments are part of many high- profile sports recoveries for NBA or NFL players. The warm and compassionate CHT treats his clients like family, who have been guided and treated by him for many years.


Ed Wildrick has been at the forefront of hyperbaric medicine for more then 15 years. Nurturing and perfecting his talent at some of the most prestigious hyperbaric centers in Los Angeles, continuing his education in the medical field, until he opened his own hyperbaric center in Beverly Hills, California in 2019.


Wildrick is as natural at creating the perfect, safe and and most effective hyperbaric experience for each of his clients needs, conditions and concerns. That unique talent, combined with his education and experience in the medical field have earned him the world renowned title- HYPERBARIC KING™.

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